“Beauty Industry Tools, born from a hair designer’s creativity, are made to be gentle to hair, people and with respect to the environment.” - Young Soo Park


Beauty tools have been around for over 3,000 years. During this time, beauty tools remained low-tech, realizing few improvements despite changes in culture, fashion, work habits, and technology. Today's beauty environment demands that we refine these essential tools that existed before our birth.

My Philosophy As an Inventor & Hair Designer

  • Getting maximum results with minimal effort.
  • The inventor uses the tools he creates.
  • Speed, simplicity, and economizing our natural resources.
  • Regardless of the style, a quick turnaround and a delighted client are not mutually exclusive things.
  • The advancement of one's skill in tool selection improves together with one's tool usage technique.
  • The professional knows how to use the right tool for the right circumstance.
  • A client service duration is a time process in the stylist's day.
  • The key to a comfortable salon environment is a well-planned salon space.
  • Hair is a living material of nature which is not easily damaged in the hair styling process.

A Properly Prepared and Equipped Salon Will Have

  • A well-trained staff, efficiently working together to accomplish each day's work.
  • Processes and facilities designed to optimize workflow and to maximize staff harmony.
  • The owner's goals and philosophy in cut, chemical, and pre/post service are clearly visible and well-suited to the salon's operation.

An Inventor/Hair Designer's Story

1952 - Born in Tokyo
1971 - First employment in a Tokyo salon
1977 - Employment, "Hair 1.2.3. Fashion", London
1978 - Employment, "Maurice Profile", Paris
1979 - Employment, "Suki's Beauty Salon", Vancouver
1980 - Opening of First Salon, "YS Park", Tokyo
1982 - Created his first beauty products and tools
1986 - Elected hairstylist of the year in England, Ebury Press
1987 - Founding of "YS Park" New York
1994 - Winner of "Good Design" award by MITI
2002 - The company is renamed "YS Park Professional"
2003 - Opening of the 8th "YS Park Salon" in Tokyo

Made in Japan


YS Park is made in Japan with an advance manufacturing process and high quality checks in every step of the way.