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YS Park Extra Long Styler
Pure Boar Bristle with Nylon Pins Oval Brush


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  • Materials Beach Wood, Boar Bristles & Polyamide Pins
    Dimensions Round – Boar Bristle with Nylon Pins

    YS Park Extra Long Stylers are made of a combination of both Beech Wood with Carbon coating. The combination of Carbon for Antistatic. This styler is designed longer for drying fewer hair sections. The handle is shaped for comfort with the signature Y.S. PARK ventilation holes that dry hands faster for a better grip. The neck of the handle is designed for easier and faster rolling. This styler is available in oval or round. The oval design resulting in even faster drying. Both the oval and round designs are available in either 100 percent Boar Bristle or the combination of both Boar and Polyamide pins. The Boar bristles smooth the hair’s cuticle while the Polyamide pins grab and pick up sections of hair with ease.

    • Hollowed wood
    • Nylon Pins and Boar Bristles
    • Heat resistant up to 428 F
    • 384 Air Holes
    • Large barrel drastically reduced blow drying time
    • 4 different sizes available
    Why YS Park Is The Right Choice

    YS Park brings over 45 years of experience to the table and offers one of the largest selections of high quality and professional-grade hair tools like hair brushes, combs, and accessories.

    The YS Park team shares its philosophy that everyone involved in using our products gets maximum results with minimal effort. This is one of the Philosophies of Young Soo Park as an Inventor & Hair Designer of YS Park Tools.

    For Professional Stylists by Professional Stylists

    In the past, usually each tool was developed and customized by the user, but after the 19th century U.K. Industrial Revolution this changed around the world. Highly efficient factories were being built during this era that allowed for lower expenses towards product production and started to separate the manufacture and user.

    For Users by Users from Salons

    We at Y.S. PARK Professional aim to return the original concept of how people used to develop their own tools in order to create the best user-friendly tools for any stylist and to set our corporation concept, “Tools for Users by Users.” Unfortunately, nowadays there are few companies that have the same or similar concepts we offer to our customers. It’s our goal to keep inventing new products which are easy to use and to have products that harmonize with others to produce a great hair design. Y.S. PARK accomplishes this by producing products that are naturally shaped for stylists to help them achieve the results they want.

    Read more about YS Park Professional.

    YS Park Is The Right Choice
    Made in Japan


    Y.S. Park is made in Japan with an advanced manufacturing process and high-quality checks in every step of the way.