YS Park Pro Pins - 815 Gold (220 Pieces)

YS Park Pro Pins - 815 Gold (220 Pieces)


YS Park Pro Pins - 815 Gold (220 Pieces). Tough yet sophisticated, Y.S. Park Pro Pins are the improved version of the pin, made to replace all other as the #1 pin in the world. Engineered and ideally suited for the most demanding hair style.

• 52 mm
• 220 pieces per box
• Made of super strong stainless steel
• Curved to the contour of the hea

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Why YS Park Is The Right Choice

YS Park brings over 45 years of experience to the table and offers one of the largest selections of high quality and professional-grade hair tools like hair brushes, combs and accessories.

The YS Park team shares its philosophy that everyone involved in using our products get maximum results with minimal effort. This is one of the Philosophies of Young Soo Park as an Inventor & Hair Designer of YS Park Tools.

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YS Park Is The Right Choice
Made in Japan


YS Park is made in Japan with an advance manufacturing process and high quality checks in every step of the way.